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Month: July 2016

Tune in for Sunday Lunch today

Sunday Lunch radio programme today has a contribution from my late friend, Jim Hopewell. He gave me several recordings of his thoughts about the seasons of the year, and today he gives us his summer contribution.
Good to know that Jim’s spoken ministry continues on the radio airwaves and on the Internet at
1-2pm every Sunday – from Gordon Dunbar.

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Late change.

Ann Jones and Kathryn Fisher from 8 followed by Alwyne Pearson at 9 this morning.

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From Gordon Dunbar- Sunday Lunch tomorrow at 1.

Sunday Lunch radio programme tomorrow has feature about the beginnings of the Salvation Army 151 years ago this month. Did you know that it was first called the Christian Mission?
Hear the King’s Singers sing a song called ‘The Christian Mission’ in honour of that worthy organisation.

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This weekend on UWS Radio

Saturday morning at 8 – Billy Fulton

Sunday Lunch at 1 – Gordon Dunbar

Monday morning at 8 – Howel Jones followed at 9 by Ann Jones and Kathryn Fisher

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From Gordon Dunbar

Sunday Lunch radio programme tomorrow has interviews with Stephen Grant and Paul Jenkinson as they tell about outreach at the Open Golf Championship at Troon.
Also Amy Roberts will sing title track of her CD ‘I’m trusting you Lord’.
Don’t take the dog out for its after lunch walk tomorrow before 2pm!

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New show

Tune in this afternoon to hear Irene Howat. 2 o’clock on

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